AQUAmax Basic

One pump less!

Less electrical connections, 
less units, more security!

First-class discharge values

Undercuts the required discharge values significantly!

Control centre aControl 2010!

Even less energy consumption through optimised process times, summer/winter operation as well as sludge removal operation


National General Technical Approval and safety tested by the TÜV [German Technical Inspection Authority].

Secure and quiet

All units are located in the tank and not in the house.


Most sold SBR small wastewater treatment plant in Germany.


A special architecture makes the AQUAmax BASIC particularly durable.

Comprehensive parts guarantee

10 years on the frame, 24 months on all electrical and mechanical parts.


Always at the latest status through the
AQUAmax modular system.

Safety and service

Countrywide service network in Ireland.

Low maintenance/spare part costs

Now only two maintenance sessions per year, no wear-intensive blower.

Only two units!

Special level switch

Fewer electrical connections, more security!
Due to the patented ball technology the AQUAmax® BASIC requires one pump and one solenoid valve fewer than normal SBR plants. Which means fewer electrical connections, less risk of breakdown, more security.
The principle: if the one pump starts up, water gets into the charging pipe via a robust special valve. This changes – depending on the duration of pumping – between filling/sludge removal and pumping-out.
Short pumping: introduces the filling phase of the SBR tank. Long pumping: the special ball closes the charging or filling pipe completely after a few seconds, the water now gets into the clarified water outlet.
Thus a large, heavy pump – that is one electrical unit – replaced completely by a small sphere!
EU Patent: 04 010 152.9
The unique, special level switch AQUAswitch©, integrated in the AQUAmax® pipe system, operates practically wear-free, is self-cleaning and switches with millimetre precision.
German Patent:
DE 10 2005 028 764.6