Electrical and rotating parts in the wastewater? Isn`t it a high-maintenance and interference-prone product?

No! Many people have still the opinion, that pumps and electrical parts in the wastewater lead often to breakdowns. ATB uses only long-lived tested appliances. Pumps are especially designed for the use in water. Furthermore pumps and submerged aerators are working very efficiently. Moreover in the AQUAmax all aggregates are attached in the area of clear, solid-free water, which prevent an untimely abrasion. More over 60.000 assembled AQUAmax-plants national and international speak for itself.

Noise development?

In the AQUAmax all aggregates are placed in the plant, outside the building. At small wastewater treatment plants with blower in the house please consider, that there is a sound source in the house, which could bother particularly during the night.

Are impact loaded problematically for the AQUAmax?

The AQUAmax is particulary appropriate for impact loaded. As the AQUAmax SBR plants possess over a sufficient big buffer, an additional daily water quality can flow to at short notice, without getting breakdowns.

What happens in the case of power failure?

After a power failure the AQUAmax is running further on in the normal way. Posssibly backed-up water quantities will be treated within 24 hours.

Does a AQUAmax waste water treatment plant have to be maintained?

The AQUAmax is a full-biological wastewater treatment plant according EN 12566 part 3. Therewith the plant has to be maintained by a specialised enterprise twice a year. This will be interpreted differently in the various rural districts.-Please ask your corresonding water authority. ATB and the distribution partners offer maintenance agreements on this.

What happens with the AQUAmax wastewater treatment plant during a vacation period?

The AQUAmax has an automatically vacation mode. It switches itself automatically into an energy saving mode. If the plant is again fully used after the absence, it switches automatically again into the normal operation.

Is there an explosion hazard?

Some manufacturers of small wastewater treatment plants refer to the risk of the formation of comustible gas mixtures. Of course we have examined this risk together with the TÜV. Result: No danger when the AQUAmax has been installed properly!