The fully biological SBR wastewater system for rural areas

– for new construction and retrofitting.


The fully biological SBR wastewater system for residential

areas and small villages up to 500 PT

Extremely reliable and proven thousands of times:

AQUAmax – the effective, innovative and future-assured SBR wastewater treatment plant system for 1 to 500 PT! Regardless of which type of pit or tank you have, no matter whether it is for new construction or retrofitting: the AQUAmax is the optimum solution for every area of application. In 3 cycles per day with respectively only 8 hours duration the AQUAmax treats inflowing wastewater far better than most commercial plants and, with this, achieves a treatment performance of up to 99%. The best thing with this: through the update and Building Block System underwater thus belongs to the past; even the retrofitting of old plants is possible without excavations. And: through the update- and Building Block System the wastewater treatment plant can be adjusted at any time to the new legal requirements without expensive new investment!